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Unique celebrity objects in Packs ?

A complete collectibles solution for : Artists, Influencers, Streamers/Youtubers, etc.


How it works for celebrities or their team :

    site logoOrder enclosures

    • shopping_cartPick one of our 4 sizes :
      • XS : ideal for Jewellery, coins, trinkets
      • S : ideal for watches, badges
      • M : ideal for books, signed cards, small gaming gear
      • L : ideal for small clothing items, everyday life items
    • star_outlineOur enclosures are high tech !
      • Fits most objects, flat or not
      • Your object is maintained and sealed
      • Using our floating frame technology
      • State of the art NFC Tracking
    • warningPointy or sharp items not allowed !

    site logoAfter receiving you order : Register them

    • inputWith the enclosure :
      • Put your object in it
      • Close it with our proprietary locking system
      • You item is now sealed and protected
    • publicOn our Web platform :
      • Mark the item as "sealed" and ready
      • Take some pictures of the item in the enclosure
      • Upload them on the paltform

    site logoDo whatever you want with them !

    • local_offerWait for private offers on our platfrom
      • People can visit your profile page
      • They will see all collectibles in your possession
    • military_techUse them as decoration
      • Display them anywhere you want
    • card_giftcardGive them away to your community
      • Marketing (Gleam.io, or similar)
      • Percs for crowdfunding
      • Reward Patrons / Subscribers
      • Use it as a prize for a charity event

    site logoThe Objectpack gallery

    • publicIn our online gallery
      • To highlight interesting, controversial collectibles
      • Displaying collectibles from major celebrities
      • Theme-based temporary exhibitions
    • museum In a physical gallery (Coming Q1 2022)
      • Open to expose in partner art galleries
      • Pop-up galleries in major cities (TBD)

Benefits for celebrities :

Have a numbered collectibles line in your name

πŸŽ– A unique way to leave a mark in the world !

πŸ›ƒ You are in total control of your collectible line, and the frequency of creation of new items

πŸ“¦ Physical products will always be more impactful than virtual content (NFTs, online perks, emotes)

Boost the engagement of your community

πŸ“ˆ Allow your community to really invest in YOU : your collectibles are a real investment, with opportunities for long-term profit for their owners. They will gain value as you grow bigger.

πŸ‘‘ Your collectibles retain value, and unlike classical merchandise, are remembered, looked for by your community.

πŸ“Š Those collectibles are much more desirable than classical merchandise, you can use this desirability to encentivize your community to engage more, or to convert to paid subscribers.

The best way to make additional side income

βž• Can complement or replace the sale of merchandise or product partnership

❎ No design, custom content to create, suppliers to find, websites to create

πŸ’Ÿ Does not deteriorate your brand by giving exposure to other companies

Join the team πŸŽ‰ :

Streamers / artists / influencers

πŸ’° Early Adopters : Possible equity + free and discounted packages for life

Medium to large followings (100'000+)

  • Help validate the market
  • Get insights on what items would be packaged & frequency of packages purchases
  • What creators will do with packaged items ? (charity, giveaways, normal sales, etc...)

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Items collectors and investors

πŸ’° Early adopters : 0% fees forever, premium features

  • Get insights on improving the packaging
  • Get insights on improving search and collectibles purchases
  • Improve UI / UX

Contact me

Angels, mentors and investors

πŸ’° Equity + Board seats

  • Help the team going forward on this high-potential project.
  • Any mean of help will be more than appreciated.

Contact me

Sales/PR specialised in content creators

πŸ’° Offer a co-founder position with sales commission, possible equity

  • Set-up a sales strategy to onboard streamers and influencers
  • Collect, analyze and evaluate data from early adopters and prospects
  • Define the brand

Contact me

Hi, I'm Yann, Creator of this blueprint

🏒 Founder of Dockdev, a solo-preneur company where I mix freelance gigs, startup creation and run some small websites.

πŸ’‘Engineered the idea alone, now being helped by a startups expert, and a supply chain/logistics specialist

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» CTO experience, Full-stack Web Development, DevOps, web-based mobile apps, noCode/lowCode consultancy, solo-learning Web Marketing, Growth Hacking, Startups

πŸ“ (Free to move anywhere)