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An effortless way to monetize
& engage your community.

Your own items become Valuable Investments.
For : Artists, Influencers, Streamers/Youtubers, Startups


Some insights :

of millenials

Have already bought a luxury item only because it was mentioned by an influencer (2018, FR)

google results

When searching for "Belle Delphine bath water", the most popular collectible in 2020

of viewers

Make a monthly donation (5$ or more) to their favorites video games streamers in 2020 (US)

of followers

Pay a 5$ subscription to their favorites video games streamers (US)

of influencers

Held at least 1 product giveaway in 2020 (FR)

Start making value in a few days

  • pan_tool

    Pick your best items

    Can be any small/mid-sized item !

  • storefront

    Buy our enclosures online

    On our e-commerce platform

  • app_registration

    Register them

    on our platform

Learn more about our enclosures

You now have your own collectibles serie

site logoExamples of what you can do with them :

  • hourglass_top

    Wait for private offers on our platfrom

    People can visit your profile page & collectibles

  • living

    Use them as decoration

    Display them anywhere you want

  • volunteer_activism

    Give them away to your community

    Rewards for : Crowdfunding, Patrons / Subscribers, Charity events

site logoWhy you'll love it :

  • military_tech

    A unique way to leave a mark in the world !

    Once enclosed, your collectibles are here to stay

  • manage_accounts

    You are in total control of your collectible line

    and the frequency of creation of new items

  • inventory_2

    Physical products will always be impactful

    opposed to virtual content (NFTs, online perks, emotes)


Improves any monetization strategy, hastle-free !

site logoThe best way to make additional side income :

  • published_with_changes

    Can complement or replace the sale of merchandise

    Shift your focus from quantity to quality

  • cake

    Much easier to set-up than classic merchandize

    No design, custom content, suppliers, websites required

  • spa

    Does not deteriorate your brand

    by giving exposure to other companies

site logoBoost the engagement of your community :

  • price_check

    Allow your community to really invest in YOU

    Your collectibles are a real investment, with opportunities for long-term profit for their owners. They will gain value as you grow bigger.

  • price_change

    Your collectibles retain value

    Unlike classical merchandise, they are remembered, looked for by your community.

  • star_outline

    They are much more desirable than merchandise

    Use this desirability to encentivize your community to engage more, or become paid subscribers.


It includes a whole ecosystem

site logoThe ObjectPack marketplace:

  • sell

    Sell / Re-sell collectibles

    via private offers

  • visibility

    Give visibility

    to interesting collections of collectibles

  • groups

    Social media HUB

    Link all your accounts

site logoThe ObjectPack Gallery:

  • public

    In our online gallery, to highlight collectibles :

    Of interest or controversial, from major celebrities, Theme-based temporary exhibitions

  • museum

    In a physical gallery (Coming Q1 2022)

    Open to expose in partner art galleries, Pop-up galleries in major cities (TBD)

Learn more about the marketplace

Join the team 🎉 :

Hi, I'm Yann, Creator of this blueprint

🏢 Founder of Dockdev, a solo-preneur company where I mix freelance gigs, startup creation and run some small websites.

💡Engineered the idea alone, now being helped by a startups expert, and a supply chain/logistics specialist

👨‍💻 CTO experience, Full-stack Web Development, DevOps, web-based mobile apps, noCode/lowCode consultancy, solo-learning Web Marketing, Growth Hacking, Startups

📍 (Free to move anywhere)